Community Notes

What is Community Investing?

Community investment directly finances socially or economically beneficial projects in disadvantaged communities that generally cannot attract financing through traditional market mechanisms. The mission is to invigorate local communities and provide the poor with avenues to economic self-sufficiency. Community investing provides an alternative source of capital for community development organizations and a more efficient way to channel funds to these institutions. Long term, it is intended to create a mainstream financial mechanism for the general public to invest in these community institutions.

What is a Community Investment Note?

The community investment notes are debt securities designed to support the growth of community-based organizations for the purposes of promoting business creation, housing development, and economic and social development of disadvantaged communities. The Notes provide a fixed rate of interest for the term of the Note. The money raised is applied toward below-market loans to non-profit community development and other social impact funds that directly benefit the community. .Investors can use the Tax Credits Investments focus to fund these projects.

Vital projects in Opportunity Zones, that benefit fragile communities and the families that live in them are the following:

Low Income Housing –  Community Centers  – Childcare Centers – Community Healthcare Centers