Debt Financing Solutions

We are dedicated to achieving the best structure and cost of capital for debt financing.
Private Debt Capital Raising Services

Our global clients include both public and private companies in the industries such as commercial real estate development, hotel and resorts, medical centers, renewable energy, oil and gas, fintech, information technologies, accredited investors, private banks, private equity firms and family offices.

GlobalTrust Impact Capital principals have collectively decades of corporate business and capital markets experience. In every client interaction, we draw upon their experience gained from working in investment banking, corporate finance, strategic advisory, commercial banking, business development and global trading and exchange platforms. Our team has extensive experience in all types of debt, private equity and international trade transactions.

Debt Capital Solutions
    • Sovereign Wealth Funds 
    • Private Bank Instruments 
    • Standby Letter of Credits (SBLC)
    • Bridge Financing 
    • Foreign Direct Investment 
    • Construction Loans 
    • Long Term Debt Financing
    • Private Trade Exchanges  
    • Structured Finance