Donor Advised Funds

GlobalTrust Funds – Donor Advised Funds are a personal, private, organized, and direct way to give. Think of your donor advised fund, as an on-demand, online “charitable checking account,” but without the paper and without the paperwork. GlobalTrust Funds offers donor advised funds to our donors that allow a donor to make a $10,000 or more tax-deductible gift to a charitable organization and then recommend how the gift shall be used in making a difference in society. Donors usually make a decision to causes they support or social impact investments focus areas. Thus, the donor receives almost all of the advantages of having his or her own private charitable foundation (that is, the ability to centralize giving in one place, and to time giving to maximize tax benefits without being rushed to recommend the gift beneficiaries) without the ongoing expense, complexity, and privacy-invading reporting requirements associated with private foundations.

When you make a donation into your GlobalTrust Funds, (DAF) account, you are technically making a charitable contribution to GlobalTrust Funds. Because GlobalTrust Funds is a tax-exempt charitable organization, your gift is tax-deductible at the time you make it. You do not have to wait until you make a subsequent distribution nomination for the deduction to be available. For example, you can make a gift deposit in December in time for this year’s tax deduction but wait until June to make a nomination. It also means, however, that because you have made a gift to GlobalTrust, we will  have the legal ownership of the funds and complete discretion over their use. Your nominations are therefore subject to GlobalTrust Funds policies and procedures and IRS rules and regulations for donor advised funds.