Many wealthy families and organizations recognize the need to create a perpetual source of income to support their missions in the future. GlobalTrust Funds offers affluent individuals and wealthy families a simple, flexible option to build an endowment for whatever purposes they choose. Your gift also provides maximum deductibility for income, gift and estate tax purposes. You can give anonymously by contacting the GlobalTrust Funds directly.
Endowment funding can you be used to honor organizations that have played a major role in your life. Endowments are also made in memory of persons, that have helped shape your life. The following are just a few causes that can be endowed:
  • Universities Campus Development
  • Medical and Research Hospital Buildings
  • Community Development Projects
  • Cultural Arts Centers


GlobalTrust Funds offers a full range of giving options, plus personal gift planner expertise, to help you support the endowment in ways that match your interests and financial circumstances.


  • Cash receives an immediate charitable deduction Make an immediate, outright charitable gift
  • Publicly-traded securities (stocks and mutual funds)
  • Real estate, both commercial and residential donations
  • Closely-held stock bypass capital gains tax on the appreciation of securities, real estate and/or closely-held stock owned for more than one year.
Our experienced staff of philanthropic professionals are fully prepared to help you establish and administer your donor-advised fund. GlobalTrust is led by a Board of Directors and a professional staff comprised of faith-based business leaders with expertise in national and global affairs in areas of philanthropy, government and business. For more information, please contact GlobalTrust Funds 1.303.591.2185 or e-mail us at terry@globaltrustfunds.org.