Investment Thesis

Stage of Company: GlobalTrust Impact Capital (GTIC)  prefers “growth stage” companies with a strong track record and Net-Positive EBITA over $500,000 annually, with great market potential to scale to exit.

Defensible Competitive Advantage: GTIC seeks companies that can protect their market position through high barriers to entry, first-mover advantage, high-quality differentiated products, etc.

Competent Management Team:  It is essential that the company have a strong management team with a successful history starting and/or managing companies, or has other industry experience and education.

Mission Fit Criteria:  GlobalTrust Impact Capital seeks to invest in for-profit companies, that have a strong commitment to bringing measurable and sustainable social and economic impact to low income communities.

Excited to Work with Us: GTIC seeks to partner the businesses that are enthusiastic to work with the staff at GTIC in a close partnership.