GlobalTrust Impact capital, as a private equity and global advisory firm, provides long term private debt funding for domestic and international projects seeking capital. GlobalTrust has capital funding capabilities from a minimum of $50 Million USD to $125 Billion UDS for projects that meet our investment theses and underwriting requirements.

Our Investment Focus Areas:

Blockchain / Artificial Intelligence 

Commercial Real Estate 

Renewable Energy Projects 

Digital Healthcare and Health Sciences 

Hospital / Healthcare Facilities 

Film and Movie Production

Monetarization Infrastructure 

Mining Projects 

Smart Cities Development 

Sports Arenas 

Vertical Integrated Farming 


Our Investment Thesis: 


We are looking to fund large-cap projects with a high potential for enterprise value growth with a 10% or better (ROI). The projects we seek provide economic impact in the communities they are built. We want to establish long-term trusted relationships with principles and credit-worthy government leaders that we enter a long term funding relationship with.