Business Advisory

We come along side of the entrepreneurs and business owners in providing valuable insights and experience in providing our fee based advisory services

Value Creation

Often we have discovered, that the prospective portfolio companies,need key strategies and advice to get past certain hurdles at various growth stages

Investment Thesis

Mission Fit Criteria: GlobalTrust Impact Capital seeks to invest in for-profit companies, that have a strong commitment to bringing measurable and sustainable social and economic impact to low income communities.

Private Equity

Equity Investment
Debt Investment
Structured Finance

We Are GlobalTrust Impact Capital

Our mission is to catalyze the impact investing ecosystem by providing financial capital and thought leadership that enable philanthropists, other asset owners and their wealth advisers to make investments with social impact, environmental and financial returns. Our desire is to see people be lifted out of poverty through the investment of capital in these businesses and entrepreneurs, that support market innovation and the environment.

Central Bank Advisory

GlobalTrust works directly with Central Banks and regional influencers on Direct Foreign Investment (DFI) in providing advisory services.

Capital Market Investments

We have the global ability to trade in globally in 125 Markets, 31 Countries, 23 Currencies, through our trading platforms that optimizes trading speed and efficiency.

Trading Exchanges

Vital to future trade and direct foreign investment is the establishment of new capital market exchanges in emerging and frontier markets

Social Impact Investing With A Purpose


Clean Water Projects


Community Healthcare


Healthy Food and Nutrition

Our Social Impact Drivers

GlobalTrust social mission is utilize social impact capital around the world in making a difference in providing for the health and well being of others.

Community Development

Quality Healthcare

Renewable Energy

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