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GlobalTrust is a leading alternative asset investment and global advisory firm serving developed nations, frontier, and emerging markets.

GlobalTrust Impact Capital’s strategic objective as a global investment and advisory firm is to be recognized as a worldwide leader for its innovative approach to the financial structuring of alternative asset investment and infrastructure projects.
GlobalTrust specializes in tailored Foreign Direct Investment and other innovative economic and trade solutions across developed, frontier, and emerging markets.
GlobalTrust specializes in tailored Foreign Direct Investment and other innovative financial solutions across developed, frontier and emerging markets. Our executive team has over 60 plus combined years of global business experience in capital
markets, international trade, and structured finance. GlobalTrust strategic advisory services bring together deep global and sectoral knowledge with broad product
offerings across our active engagement with central banks, family offices, sovereign wealth entities, corporate finance, asset management, global advisory activities.

Investing in a Sustainable Future

Value of an Alternative Investments Global Prespective

We focus on turning global transformations into investing opportunity by combining specialized global Alternatives expertise with the power of GlobalTrust Impact Capital network and insight.

Global Economic Shifts Create Opportunity

Economies are shifting, presenting opportunity and risk for investors. We believe to successfully navigate global transformations requires a partner who doesn’t just have expertise in sourcing, shaping and driving alternative investments, but one that brings the resilience and experience to support clients’ investment objectives.

What We Seek to Bring to Clients

An Exceptional Network Alternative Asset Investment Opportunities

GlobalTrust is positioned at the forefront of global capital markets, we benefit from access to the heads of state, global leaders, private banking, key industries, and global organizations shaping tomorrow’s opportunities.

Who We Serve

  • Accredited Investors

  • Family Offices

  • Institutional Investors

  • Central Banks

  • Corporate Business

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds

  • Governments

Capital Funding Partners

GlobalTrust Impact Capital raises capital in several different ways in working with institutional, family offices, private banks, accredited investors across the globe to support the growth and expansion of our investment business. For more information on capital raising and how you can work with us at GlobalTrust Impact Capital in funding outstanding projects. Please contact us. We look forward to meeting with you.

Structured Finance

  • Equity Investment

  • Debt Investment

  • Structured Finance

  • Merger and Acquisition - M/A

  • Leveraged Buyout - LBO

  • Foreign Direct Investment

  • Stand By Letter of Credit’s

  • Gold Bullion Trading

Making Investment for a Sustainable Future

It is not just about making investments, It is about doing what is right for humanity and the environment.

Alternative Asset Investment Thematic Verticals

Portfolio Investments

Risk Management Mitigation

Risk Management Mitigation

We trust in extraordinary and exceptional ideas, incredible personalities and incredible organizations. Such ideas, personalities, and organizations will characterize our future; we are remarkably situated to help them succeed.

Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services

We come alongside entrepreneurs and business owners to provide valuable insights and experience in delivering our fee-based advisory services. Often we have discovered that prospective portfolio companies need vital strategies and advice to get past certain hurdles at various growth stages. Our professional advisory services are provided through a separate agreement regardless of investment structure, size, and/or investment duration.

Central Bank – Advisory Services

GlobalTrust works directly with Central Banks and regional influencers on Direct Foreign Investment (DFI) in providing advisory services. Our advisory services may include developing strategic relationships, financial engineering, structuring investment projects, establishing new capital market exchanges, and project risk insurance. We can also assist our valued sovereign government clients to improve their balance sheets and credit ratings. Our professional advisory services are provided through a separate fee-based agreement regardless of investment structure, size, and/or investment duration.

International Development Organizations

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