GlobalTrust Impact Capital Investors Profile

Family Office Investors

United Arba Emertius
Abu Dhabi
Saudia Arabia
United States
Great Britain
Hong Kong

Our alternative asset investors come from all walks of life!!

They seek more than the normal transaction of a stock and bond purchase, they want to make a difference.

As an investor, outsourcing a percentage of your traditional stock and bond investment portfolio to alternative asset investment can provide new sources of return and portfolio diversification opportunities.

Exploring alternative asset investment opportunities worldwide through Global Trust Impact Capital provides unconstrained investment opportunities offered through GlobalTrust. We invest in Large-Cap projects worldwide that make a significant difference in selected countries that we invest in. Imagine the social and economic impact of your investments that provides sustainable impact in communities where projects are either developed or where we invest capital at Series A, B, and C funding rounds.

GlobalTrust has developed a strategy of investing in multi-asset classes within the increasingly popular alternative assets investment. GlobalTrust, as a global private equity and advisory firm, remains nimbly and adaptive to changing global market conditions.

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